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WAN - All our yesterdays Pt 2 - 20 Oct 2021 title slide comp.png

'All our Yesterdays' - filling in the gaps in our histories
- Pt 2 Empirelands...

Wednesday 20th October 2021


We listened-in to a wide ranging conversation between Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4's 'Ways to change the world' as he interviewed Sathnam Sanghera about his latest book 'Empireland - how imperialism has shaped modern Britain', a book he wished he had been given as a child.


As well as talking about his book, Krishnan and Sathnam dip into their childhood experiences of growing up in the UK and discusses whether political correctness has gone too far.


After listening to the recorded interview, we discussed what we'd heard in breakout rooms and think about what it means for our aspiration to be true allies against racism.


For copyright reasons, we could not include the recorded interview within the overall recording, but you can access them both via the two links below. We suggest you play the introduction then pause, listen to the interview and then go back to the first recording to listen-in to our post-interview discussion?:

Introduction and recap on last time plus discussion afterwards (30 mins)

Interview recording (33 mins)



WAN AOY Pt 1 title slide.png

'All our Yesterdays' - filling in the gaps in our histories
- Pt 1 The journey begins

Thursday 2nd September 2021 @ 8-9.30pm BST on Zoom

Drawing on material from authors and broadcasters David Olusoga, Clive Myrie and Afua Hirsch, we began our journey of exploration into the history we as white people are rarely taught but has massive implications towards our understanding of racism today in the UK.

The links to the three short videos we viewed are below:


  1. Who owns history - Clive Myrie - 5 mins

  2. The Alt History you don't learn at school - David Olusoga - 7 mins13 sec

  3. Where are you from - Afua Hirsch - 4 mins

And here are the slides we used that included our individual reflective and small group discussion questions we used to stimulate our learning.

We hope you can make use of them in your own circles of influence in some way.

White Allies Network Inaugural Meeting - via Zoom 30th June 2021

At this meeting, we shared our plans for the White Allies Network and invited participants be a part of designing our future programme and way of working.


See 'Our Spaces' for the ground rules we agreed on that occasion for the quality of the spaces we wanted to create for the most constructive dialogue on these difficult issues.


You will find a list of topics that members suggested for future meetings here.


It was not recorded.


George Floyd: One year on - has anything shifted?

 25th May 2021

GFD final graphic linkedin corrected tim

Click on the image above to view the webinar recording on the Deeper Leaders YouTube channel.


Schedule: 0-6m 30s - Intro to topic and panel

6m 30s - 53m - Panel answers the 3 core questions

53m - 1hr 1m - Launch of the White Allies Network

1h 1m - 1hr 21m - Panel respond to questions from the chat



On the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death, we asked leading black academic, Prof Robert Beckford, a black counsellor and author, Suzann Douglas and James Clarry, the white COO of one of the world's oldest banks: ‘Has anything truly shifted?’


We asked them:

Q1. How did the death of George Floyd impact you, personally? And has anything shifted for you personally since then? Q2. What has shifted in the world around you: in your organisation/the work that you do/your sphere of influence?

Q3. What needs to happen next to ensure the catalyst towards change offered us by George's tragic death is not wasted?


Before we took questions for the panel from the chat, we also launched a new initiative from the Deeper Leaders Collective: a White Allies Network (


Open Mike Session - the last 20 minutes was dedicated to questions from the chat and an open mike session where participants put their questions directly to members of the panel.


We didn't charge for tickets for this event - all three panel members waived their usual appearance fees as their personal contribution towards the vital work of Blueprint for All (formerly The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust). They do fantastic work with young people and communities to create an inclusive society in which everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity or background, can thrive. Participants made voluntary donations and helped us exceed our £1000 target to raise £1155.

The Abolition of Modern Slavery: what is needed now?

- via Zoom on the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
2nd December 2020

Click on the image above to view the webinar recording on the Deeper Leaders YouTube channel.

This recording lasts 60 minutes.


In 2015, the UK government passed the Modern Slavery Act aiming to combat Modern Slavery. Since then, other governments have followed suit and citizens of many countries have become more aware that slavery is not only a past but a very real and present problem that touches us all.  But has any of this made any tangible difference to the lives of those blighted by slavery, violence and exploitation?


On the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery 2020, this webinar explored these questions with the help of an expert panel. We heard:

  • An up-to-date global picture of the state of modern slavery from the world’s largest anti-slavery organisation

    • from Alianore Smith from International Justice Mission

  • An independent progress report on the UK Government’s approach to tackling modern slavery by the report’s author

    • from Peter Grant from Agulhas Consulting

  • How leaders can build on their organisations’ modern slavery statement to really make a difference and

  • How individual citizens can play their part in eradicating modern slavery

    • both from Adrian Lock, Founding Director of Deeper Leaders

  • How chocoholics can help end modern slavery

    • from Nicola aka ‘The Countess of Cocoa’, UK & Ireland Marketing Manager, Tony’s Chocolonely